Welcome to The BLPS Group – your premier provider of digital publishing services

The BLPS Group is a winning, well-respected team with decades of experience in presenting and executing original ideas in educational, religious and trade publishing. We build successful supply and delivery chains and develop, lead and manage cohesive teams. Many of our competitors promise the same services we do; but only BLPS puts these services together with the best project management, customized to your needs so you can scale and advance.


Our integrated team crafts content and technology solutions in an environment where creativity and innovation are valued, nurtured and continuously implemented. Our approach has always been to understand our client’s needs and deliver intuitive solutions using the most innovative technology.

Our mission is simple: to deliver added value every day, to every client, by connecting your content, your technology, and your production needs in exactly the best way for you.

  • We integrate our processes, mirroring the consolidating & streamlining of our clients.
  • We develop and deliver content in an integrated fashion.
  • We implement technologies where creativity is combined with production in real time.
  • We establish systems where knowledge is transferred to product seamlessly.
  • We interpret creative & delivery processes through technology, development, repurposing & integration.


Every BLPS client needs a specialized team, with the right mix of resources, at the right scale, for the right period of time. That’s exactly what every client gets. Technology, design, and content resources are brought together by the best project management in the business. We add value on every job by putting together the highest-quality and most cost-effective team for you, not by forcing your needs into a predetermined template. Your content will be engaging, and your connection with technology will be real, efficient, and cost-effective. Which services do you need?

Technology Services
  • Information Architecture: schema/DTD development, workflow/XML Solutions
  • Development (back end & front end): databases, content & learning management systems
  • Application development (all devices & web)
Content Services
  • Original content development: student & teacher curriculum, supplemental and assessment products
  • Instructional design: conceptualization, module development, templating
  • Assessments: item development (traditional & interactive), passage development, correlations/standards, leveling/rubrics
  • Content manipulation: Research, repurposing, customization, localization
  • Production Editing: proofreading, copyediting, fact/accuracy checking, independent reviews
Visual Services
  • Design: user experience/interface (integrated services, interactive & print)
  • Original art creation/development
  • Technical illustration, image manipulation
Production Services
  • Digital production in all major interactive authoring environments
  • Content ingestion
  • Composition, page building, prepress
  • ePublishing: eBook creation, format conversion