Connecting Content and Technology to Learning


The BLPS Group is a premier provider of website and application development, instructional design, project management, and educational publishing services. We're dedicated to providing the most intuitive products for users, the most enriching experience for learners, and the most efficient and high-quality services for publishers, content providers, and solutions platforms. Our main initiative is Gateway2Achieve™, a next-generation learning solution.

Our Mission

Educational publishing is changing rapidly, and it's time publishers, platform providers, and content generators embraced these changes; or our users will leave us behind. Our mission is to eliminate the distinction between platform and content, assessment and analytics, pedagogy and achievement. Our solutions and services aim to simplify, integrate, and unify content and technology.

Current News:

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The BLPS Group™ is a dynamic, growing presence in three distinct markets. Its President is Stephanie Cizdyn, whose skill in creating synergies in today's global business environment and analyzing market conditions produces methodologies to expand benefits and ensure quality.


Services: The BLPS Group, Inc. provides content, technology, and creative services to PreK-20 and religious publishers.


Ecosystem: Gateway2Achieve™ will be the most intuitive platform for students to learn, teachers to interact, and parents to participate.


Advocacy: Advancing eLearning in Europe and beyond; energizing governmental, institutional, educational and business thought leaders to support and promote standards-based educational values throughout all segments of society and business.